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Valeria Scott Laitinen is passionate about helping job seekers showcase their professional skills and experiences clearly and concisely. She works with clients to tailor their resumes and cover letters to the jobs they seek. She provides support with job searching and interview coaching to clients all over the world at all stages of their career development.


Support tailored to meet your needs

Resume Review and Revision


Includes an in-depth conversation about your job experience, skills and expertise and targeted revisions and edits to your resume that highlight your strengths as a candidate.

Resume and Cover Letter Review and Revision


In addition to the Resume Review and Revision package, this package includes a separate one-on-one conversation to develop the story of your job experience and how it best fits the job you are applying for.

Additional Services

Job Search Support and LinkedIn Profile assistance are available. Contact Valeria for a quote on these services.

Please Note
If you have less than five years professional experience or have been out of the workforce due to maternity or other circumstances, contact Valeria to inquire about a reduced rate.

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Lucy, Higher Education Admissions Professional

“Valeria’s guidance on my resume was instrumental in helping me find the job I was looking for. Not only did she help me craft a resume tailored exactly for the job I was looking for, but her process also helped me develop the confidence I needed to project in my interviews. I highly recommend Valeria and would absolutely go with her again.”

Chelsea, International School Educator/Administratorre

“My husband and I recently worked with Valeria to craft our resumes and cover letters. Valeria came highly recommended, so I should have known that she would be fantastic, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be such a positive experience. Not only were the final products fantastic, but the process of working with Valeria was easy, comfortable, and uplifting. She brings so much industry knowledge and thoughtful reflection to the table. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again and cannot recommend her enough!”

Caroline, International School Educator

“I highly recommend Valeria for your resume needs! I was impressed with Valeria’s insights and knowledge about resumes and cover letters. Her time spent with me was focused, helpful, and professional. Her tips and recommendations helped me create a fantastic resume and cover letter which led to a perfect new job for me. Better See V!”

Trina, International K-12 Art Teacher

“Throughout my job search, Valeria was timely, efficient and thorough with her feedback and suggestions. She helped me tweak my cover letters and resumes in a way that not only offered necessary correction and proofreading, but also helped me to understand the hiring process and gave insight into what hiring managers are looking for. Her experience working around the world has given her valuable knowledge that helped me immensely. The revised cover letter and resume led to a great job offer. I highly recommend Valeria and Better See V!”

Katie, International Educator

“I am extremely satisfied with the way Valeria was able to take the ideas from my existing resume and make adjustments to highlight my qualifications in a more marketable way. She also helped me to understand how to craft a cover letter that would grab the attention of recruiters. Valeria truly listened to my career objectives and took them into consideration throughout the process. With my revised cover resume and cover letter from Better See V, I landed several interviews and, more importantly, received an offer for my dream job. I highly recommend Better See V without hesitation.”

Courtney, Administrative Assistant

“I am so grateful to have been able to tap into the expertise Valeria offers. The improvements on my resume and cover letter were night and day. She helped me capture a significantly more vivid picture of my skills and experience and her encouragement in the process was incredibly validating. I am certain I now have strong potential to stand out to prospective employers. Highly recommend!”

Renos, Graduate Student

“Valeria really helped me prepare my resume for my grad school application to a very competitive program. Her recommendations and expertise really helped me bring out my best qualities on paper and I am thrilled to have been accepted. Having used many different services to build my resume as a university and co-op student, I highly recommend Valeria to anyone looking to improve their CV.”

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